2014: Change.
Posted on 4th Jan at 6:38 AM
January 3rd

Again, it’s already Jan 4th since it’s 5 am. But I’ll still proceed as if its the same day. =) 

Today was awesome! 

I was so hyped up, my normal introvert self was not being itself, and I went out.

I originally was going to go out with just ONE guy, let’s call him EM, and my two best friends wanted out with these two guys so we went out. In the end it was all a mess but we had a great time, and I think I’m developing feelings for this guy, I don’t know yet. It’s the same as yesterday’s. He’s a great guy, truth be told. He didn’t even try to kiss me. So gentleman-like, he simply drove me home paid for the taxi, and hugged me goodbye. We’ll see how it goes.

It was a great day. (i’ve been having such good days recently, this is so unlike me!)


Posted on 3rd Jan at 7:58 AM
January 2nd

Well, this sucks. It’s already January 3rd, but I haven’t slept, so I still count it as the day. 

I woke extremely late, like at 5, and went out a while later to a friend’s house.

I had an awesome time, I love my friends =) truly they are the only people I can do weird stuff with. We also made plans for grad trip, and I’m super excited! This year keeps on getting better. 

I got back at my house like at 2 am, and have been talking online with a guy ever since. I have mixed feelings about a guy, I haven’t decided yet if I like him as a friend or more than that. Whatevs, we’ll see how it goes. It’s 7 am now, and I am not even sleepy. 

I keep thinking about the future, and I have so many mixed feelings. It’s so bittersweet, I keep thinking I’ll no longer live here in less than a year, and I am overwhelmed… 

I’m off now. It was a pretty great day. =) And my diet officially starts tomorrow! 


Posted on 2nd Jan at 12:01 AM
January 1st
Today was a pretty amazing day, actually.

Started at my grandmother’s for NYE with an outlook that this year will be the best yet. It is a year of drastic change for me. The year I’ll have to change schools, move to another country (studying at US and I live in Mexico)… all in all, it’ll be a year of change, but I’m excited for it. I have a good feeling for this 2014. 

I woke up and I visited my mother’s side family to celebrate new years, again, the toast left me with a feeling of hope. 

But most of all, my day was spent working on college applications. 

I managed to successfully complete all of the college applications that had a deadline for today! I feel so stress-free. Finally! 

I also convinced my mother of buying the dress I’d been longing for weeks since I found it. It was just perfect for me, on sale, and it came in petite sizes! (I’m 5 ft tall) I am super excited I finally have my graduation dress. =) 

Now it’s time to spend the rest of my day watching Sherlock.

What an awesome day. 

Overall. 8/10. 

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